The Dress For Success Scotland Instagram

The Dress For Success Scotland Instagram

I am a member of a charity and I am happy to help with anything. 

During spring ’17 I accidentally ended up in a fashion event as an assistant photographer, the Ladies Lunch, organised by Dress For Success charity organistaion and I modelled on the fashion show. The rest is history, but if you really want to know what happened, check this one out: I’m on the catwalk!!!

I met some board members, people who donate and make the charity work and become bigger and better. I loved the people there. Everyone was very kind and friendly. I think they were just as happy for meeting me as I was with meeting them. I wanted to be part of this, so I found the way to become a volunteer and help the charity grow. I became the person behind the Dress For Success social media:

Instagram –

Facebook –

I am the crazy girl behind the Dress For Success Instagram. Sometimes I’ll be front facing the camera, because the boutique has the perfect lightning for all the selfies. And also the perfect backgrounds, all the clothes and amazing shoes and accessories. AAAAHHH! It’s like walking in a dream wardrobe that has everything you need and more! Seriously, this has to be seen by the world. Also this way we can reach more people and our events can reach more people and we have so many fun events coming up, so don’t take it personally if you are not invited, because you won’t miss a moment if you follow our Instagram and Facebook!


I also started a second blog: Dora’s Wardrobe.

Dress For Success is a company and a charity. Not just in Scotland, but all over the world. We help women to live better and happier lives by giving them advice on how to dress for job interviews and for work, which will give them a safe, exciting and new future! We are little Fashion Fairies who are happy to help, grow, make others happy and enjoy it!

It comes with perks. I can go to the Boutique to model some of their clothes for every blogpost you will see on the website under Dora’s Wardrobe! It’s almost like owning a second wardrobe but it’s much bigger with way more options. I don’t own these clothes, I borrow them to wear them to inspire women with some smart outfit ideas for work or for special occasions. These clothes will all go out for people who need them more than me! So yeah I have a second blog which all goes out for charity, but I love it because I can spend more time with writing, blogging and doing fashion. I can meet amazing people who are happy to help as well. It’s a good thing to have after graduation, because it keeps me motivated, enthusiastic about what I like to do and who wouldn’t love to go to all the events to hang out with lovely people?!


Enjoy the smart dressed Dora on Dora’s Wardrobe. Enjoy all my stories about the charity and their events and be inspired to make someone else happy by joining to Dress For Success!

I can’t wait to write my future posts, organise some fancy events and also attend them. 🙂


P.s: Here is my first blogpost on Dora’s Wardrobe: click here ! 🙂



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