Sabrina’s outfits – 2

Sabrina’s outfits – 2

The second traditional clothing outfit

I am so happy that I know more about African style now and even happier that I can share it with everyone!  So if you have seen Sabrina’s first outfit, and loved it, this is the second one to check out!

Sabrina is a type of person who will brighten your day up with some sass so it was an absolute pleasure and so much fun shooting with her! We met at work first and started talking about traditional clothes, so this is how the idea of a blogpost on her came. Obviously people were staring at us during the photo shoot and they believed when I said that Sabrina is a top model. Her reply was even better: “it was definitely worth watching America’s Next Top Model.”

Sass? Check.

Confidence? Check.

 Who else does it like that too?! 


Read everything you need to know about the outfit here (Copied from Sabrina No.1):

Sabrina is wearing a traditional East-African clothing from Somalia. It’s called Dirac. It’s basically a piece of fabric stitched together on the two sides with a whole left for the arms. As the fabric is very light, there is an underskirt called Gorgoro. The shawl Sabrina is wearing is the Gabasar. So this a three-piece traditional outfit that is worn for the most celebrated events, for example weddings. The bigger the party, the more extravagant the outfit has to be. The more prints, flowers, sequins and patterns are on the outfit, the more extravagant it is.


For the photo venue many thanks for Hutcheson’s in Merchant City, Glasgow!


Photos by Me

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