Sabrina’s outfits – 1

Sabrina’s outfits – 1

Traditional clothing is one of my favourite things in fashion.

As this blog is basically my public fashion diary about people and styles, I obviously have to share all the photos I took of Sabrina in her traditional clothing, because show me an outfit that is more interesting than the one that tells the story of a whole culture?!

Also, as Sabrina had two amazing outfits, and I took amazing photos of her (lil’ bit proud of me), I decided to post two separate posts for the two outfits, because they deserve all the attention!


Sabrina is wearing a traditional East-African clothing from Somalia. It’s called Dirac. It’s basically a piece of fabric stitched together on the two sides with a whole left for the arms. As the fabric is very light, there is an underskirt called Gorgoro. The shawl Sabrina is wearing is the Gabasar. So this a three-piece traditional outfit that is worn for the most celebrated events, for example weddings. The bigger the party, the more extravagant the outfit has to be. The more prints, flowers, sequins and patterns are on the outfit, the more extravagant it is.


I love learning about fashion. The business, the industry, the making, the purpose, the reason and everything else behind the clothes are interesting for me. There is always something new to learn, and there is always something to write about so you can give that knowledge further away. I read a lot about fashion, but East-African traditional clothes are missing from my knowledge, so now that I know all that information, I am happy to give it away and show you my photos of everything I talked about.

Enjoy this one & be very excited for Sabrina’s other traditional outfit!



Photos by Me

P.s.: The photos were taken in Glasgow’s Merchant City and many thanks for Hutcheson’s for letting us use their beautiful interiors!

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