What do you do with your old clothes?

What do you do with your old clothes?

I take them to charity shops usually, or recycle them.

It is non of my business what do you do with your old clothes, but I still feel like there are so many people out there who have no idea how many choices they have to get rid of all their unused stuff.

Unused aka:

  • don’t fit
  • don’t like it any more
  • never liked it
  • overused
  • got it because it was very important for an event, but never wore and will never wear it again

We all have all these clothes and most of us want to get rid of them. I respect those people who manage to keep their clothes for a lifetime, but for me there is always a part of the wardrobe that has to go. Here are some ideas for you to get rid of them, based on my own experience and the good feedback:

  • Resell

I have a Vinted account because I have clothes that I paid for and as long as they are still wearable and in good condition, I will try to make money of them. Obviously less than what it cost me, like way less… I don’t know how people decide on the reselling price, I usually just sell these clothes for 60-70% of the price I paid, because it will make it affordable and why the F. would I try to sell something for the same price as a retail shop sells a brand new one?

I have the same clothes on Depop and Vinted, I try to update it as many times as possible, if anything catches your eye, you can email me too 🙂

  • Take to a charity shop

I get clothes for free. Oops, maybe I never told to anyone, maybe I told it to everyone. I was an influencer, but there are still places where I get free clothes from. They are lovely, I appreciate them, but sometimes I have to realise I don’t wear them again, and I don’t have the balls to ask for money for something I didn’t pay for so let’s take to a charity shop. They resell to get money for something more important, like cancer research! Also, my overused but still good condition clothes or classic pieces (like my Adidas tracksuits from when I was 16…) still go to charity shops.

Need some ideas where to take them ?

Check these places: Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, Shelter, Cancer Research UK… or Dress for Success 😉 (I’ll talk about this last suggestion later, because it became my new favourite)


  • Recycle

Wholes, bubbles, stretches and patches on the clothes make it less wearable and you probably won’t even be able to sell them and also, if you don’t wear these for the above reasons, do you think charity shops will be able to sell them? Nooooooo.

You CAN make money of these clothes, if you take them to shops where they collect these clothes to recycle. Google places because it’s different locally, but H&M is a good option, because they give you a £5 voucher to use when you shop next! Isn’t that amazing???


My story is included in the above mentioned “to-do-s” if you don’t know how to do it, but at the same time, I am a big fan of giving my clothes away to friends and family members, who find them useful or just simply like them and they could wear them more often than me.

Anyway, reselling clothes or buying second-hand or charity shop or even vintage shop clothes means you are part of a huge community who made sustainable fashion a thing. As I said before, trends will come and go, fashion will always be part of everyone’s lives even if they don’t care, but style is forever yours and you can wear whatever you want as long as you own it!

It’s that simple and getting rid of clothes is even easier! Just think about it. Just because you don’t want it, maybe someone else will be happy to get it off from you or maybe you’ll make someone’s day who was looking for something different in a charity shop! And taking your clothes to charity shops will also help someone else who will benefit from that money! Easy, isn’t it?

And just to remind you about the recycled clothes… let’s save planet Earth! 🙂

Any more ideas of how you can get rid of your clothes? Don’t hold it back!!


P.S.: I started a sewing class, so I’ll start remaking my clothes soon. But this is another story and you’ll read about it on the blog soon, so give me a follow on Instagram, Facebook or on WordPress! 🙂


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