Very casual

Very casual

Casual or simple, basic and full of brands and clothes that became everyone’s “must-have”s

I attended the first Glasglow Girls Club event on the 17th June (yep, it was long time ago, I know, but now you know why it is so summery) and I went as simple and casual as I could, but as this is Me just like every other outfit I featured before, I needed to get some photos done.

I have a basic BOYS size Levi’s T-shirt that I simply got because I like a simple cut T-shirt (it is also a little bit oversized which is why I am happy with the boys size) and I don’t mind the huge branding. Who knew it will become a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe?! I am one of the 90% of fashion bloggers who owns a t-shirt like this, and I might be the one and only with a kids size… 🙂


I matched my very basic tee with a very basic pair of black culottes. I have never dressed so simple, but you know what? It was one of those outfits that I wore because it was simple, casual, good for the occasion and still ME. This is a kind of a “I don’t know what to wear outfit”. So this is why it is on the blog and the reason why you are reading about it or checking out the photos is because I admitted how basic I can be sometimes. At the same time, simple can still be cool and we all have clothes we wear when we have nothing to wear or we simply can’t decide what to wear.



This one is for fun. The new face of The Scottish Football Association. LOL. 

Oh before I forget… If you have not noticed yet as a returning reader I wore everything before. If you are new, then don’t worry, you’ll see these clothes again with different outfits. 🙂

Photos by Tom Bray



P.S.: My Instagram is always up-to-date when it comes to fashion events, sometimes I go crazy with shares but I love sharing photos, so follow me there and if you are there anyway, follow Glasglow Girls Club too! <3

T-shirt – Levi’s (Boys size)
Trousers – H&M (over 2 years old)
Shoes – Flatforms from New Look


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