I love vintage shops.

If you have read my “Trends-What’s happening to fashion” post, you know by now that sometimes I hate following trends because what’s the point of “doing” fashion if I dress & look like the shop windows? The reason I wanted a blog is because I believe in sustainable fashion aka vintage & second-hand too. I still wear brand new fast-fashion.


So this post is about a 30 minutes long journey in a vintage shop and a 10 minutes long journey in my sister’s closet. The shirt is at least as young as my Grandma (age is still just a stupid number though) and it’s a size 40 (European sizing, probably a UK 12) but it looks amazing! It’s in a perfect condition and it was “ideas for first sight” and if I have more than 5 ways to style something… Come home my love, we have a future together!


I wanted to show an outfit with a skirt that I took (this time with permission) from my Sister. So the skirt is basically second-hand and it was free! (I didn’t even swap it!)  


The bag in the photo is a hand-made bag from India. It caught my sister’s eyes, because she has a thing for special clutch bags like that one. I took a photo of it to show that vintage shops are like huge treasure islands. You go there looking for something and find something more exciting than you imagined.


I don’t have a huge amounts of vintage clothes, because they are usually big sizes and sometimes a size 40 looks stupid on my size 34 (UK 6). At the same time, I love wearing oversized clothes, so if something is too big but still comfortable, why should I leave it there? I don’t hide anything, I just like the feeling of oversized.


Photos of Me by Kitti, my sister with an iPhone.

Any vintage shop recommendations anywhere in the world? 


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