I have made many things before, using my time, energy and embroidery skills before this T-shirt that were meaningful for me or were just something I have not seen in shops and thought were a good idea and said something about Me, You and everyone else. Like those 4 letters on the T-shirt.

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We all know about that recognisable blue and white logo, one of our “favourite” social media within a word that tells stories, and have a pretty understandable message for us all. Personally my fav is Instagram. If you have seen my profile on it before, you can easily tell.

What you see is what people want you to see. We only show what we want to show. So if you haven’t heard it before, believe it or not, social media is a whole lie.

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Honestly, I am one of those people who loves social media for all the attention my blog gets from it. Without that I would not have had the opportunity to meet new people, being invited to fashion events, find new brands and just be up to date in fashion. Also I love sharing my outfits, giving a whole new meaning to every single thing I have in my wardrobe when I wear them with something new. On the other hand, I hate it for the personal side, because it terrifies me that the very small amount of things about my life is on a virtual “something” where more than half of the world is connected. It’s amazing to keep in touch and update others … but terrifying that not only my X number of friends can see it. I know privacy settings… but I’m paranoid of hackers.

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Brant, the photographer called the outfit “This is just the Not giving a f##k outfit”. Yep, he is 100% right. Baggy trousers from a Glasgow based brand – love ya G-town for all your unique people– and the dirties, oldest, never-let-you-go-est sneakers I have. Explain the style, give it a meaning, say what you want, but this is one of those outfits that I wear when I don’t care what I have on. The world needs to see these type of outfits too. High heels, pretty dresses and layers on layers on layers are not always comfy. And I am not always in the mood to put more effort in my outfits than this.

Dora Blog Shoot One-14Dora Blog Shoot One-16

This is one side of me. Thank you for letting me show this too.


Photos by Brant Adam

T-shirt – Basic Primark Men’s tee with hand embroidery by me
Trousers – Sian Paris Boutique
Shoes – Adidas/JD
Sunglasses – Vintage shop
Bracelets – Handmade from Portugal

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