Dear Social Media!

Dear Social Media!

Dear Social Media platforms! Can you all disappear? Or slow down at least?

The world of social media is in our hands every time and it has changed the way we see and experience things. It’s made it easier for all the fashion lovers to watch shows, see the biggest brands’ new collections and follow what’s happening in the most expensive industry in the world with only one click. Social media made fashion more accessible and now all we need to do is “follow” or “like” and “turn notifications on” to get the latest updates on fashion weeks and shows and the new trends (What are trends is another question and I have a post to share about this soon). Although nowadays it is less important what brands release or show in each season because the main focus is on how you wear what you have and how you make your outfits unique enough to become “Instagramable”. 

Fashion bloggers and influencers rule the fashion industry with their always chic style from the streets to the gym and they do not mind showing their outfits on social media to inspire us. Taking inspiration from these Instagram “It Girls” means copying outfits, style, buying the same clothes or the cheaper version of the clothes they wear and spending money on clothing that are not even needed in our wardrobes. Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites where everything is build on visuals, because people look at photos before they read what’s under the photo and what they are even looking at. Moreover Instagram became more popular than Facebook or Twitter, because it is only a photo platform, which basically means fashion is exhibited on a real-life platform that everyone can reach from all around the world in seconds. Social media platforms made advertising easier for the fashion industry and since 2009 the biggest brands use these platforms to advertise themselves by simply sharing photos and videos and waiting for likes and comments from consumers to reach more and more people. Easy money. Since 2011 fashion blogging became more popular and it also brought a big turn in the life of fashion. I became a fashion blogger in 2014. One in a 1000 other bloggers from the UK or Hungary. I was a contributor for an online Hungarian fashion magazine before and what I learnt there made me do my own blog. Not because I think I dress better than anyone else, or not because I think my style is more outstanding than other’s. My main reason for doing this blog is because it takes me one step closer to do what I want in fashion and because fashion is what I have loved and will always love truly in the whole world. There are so many interesting things in it. For some people it’s all about the clothes and shoes, and they think it’s silly. For me it’s about ideas, inspiration, people who were not afraid to express themselves differently (Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Anna Dello Russo just to name a few Fashionistas), events that celebrate the people behind the scenes, who work on creating art for those who walk on the street and don’t even think about who made what they wear, and why they chose that colour. Miranda Priestly made a good point in The devil wears Prada when she said it’s not just about the clothes. No, it isn’t. You just have to dig deeper and see what it is really about.

Fashion bloggers are the real life mannequins of (mainly luxury) brands and they are also the advertising tools for brands. They inspire their readers and by this they influence them to buy from the brands they advertise by simply wearing their clothes. Most of them are called influencers. These clothes are usually borrowed for the photo shoot or for the brand’s own fashion event, but readers only see the tags on the photos to reach the brands with only a tap. Influencers became trendsetters who are the sources for customers to buy from brands. If you are not one of those people who can afford those (super expensive) clothes, you are not cool enough to be an Instagram It-girl.(True or not, you have to reach a certain level) Social media became the platform of girls with borrowed clothes fighting for a non existing crown and the attention of people, that they count in the number of followers, likes and comments. The new generation with smartphones in their hands became the generation of mentally unhealthy people* (mainly girls) who can only be satisfied with enough number of likes on photos they share. A platform with girls, selfies and clothes, numbers of followers and likes and so much self-love and confidence. The knowledge on fashion became worthless, because who needs that if you have good style and good enough photography skills (or a good smartphone?) to make everything look good on Instagram? 

*Read this: Instagram is THE worst app for your mental healthimg_2916.jpg

I was an influencer, but I refused to wear clothes that I cannot keep. I was an influencer who only accepted clothes she likes and only wears clothes she likes and can easily build in her wardrobe, because this is what I think is inspiring. I wear those clothes not just for the brand that send them to me, but for my followers, who like to ask my opinion when they go shopping (I love all those people and I will always have time to check out your outfit and give an honest opinion; I love doing this). I share every post I have with tags on the photos with the brands, but that does not mean that those clothes are all for free. I own 90% of what I wear on my blog and only 10% is what I got as an influencer. And I will wear whatever I have in my wardrobe as many ways as possible, because fashion is not about branded new clothes, it’s about being creative with what you have. About narcissism: We all are? We share things about ourselves for a reason, because we think it’s a good photo, a memory to remember or to self advertise. There is nothing wrong with that, it helps to get where you want whatever you do on social media that might seem narcissistic for others. 

I don’t always care about the likes, or followers. Yes, I need them to reach more people and yes it makes me happy when I see something was more popular and got more attention. It’s part of the blogging and journalism business. This is why I care, why I don’t care is because I’ll post about things that will be less popular but more important for Me. I paid for Facebook and Instagram advertising before because I had some posts on the blog that I thought would deserve more attention, but I want real followers, I want real readers and I want to reach people who are interested in fashion (the making, the history, the real things behind those clothes…etc.), people who have an opinion and who are not afraid to share what they think. 

So yeah, I wish social media doesn’t exist, because it feels likes being a part of a contest with people who I don’t even know, but at the same time, how could I reach all the people who read my blog and who actually inspire me?



  1. August 2, 2017 / 10:09 pm

    This is so true! I’m not an influencer and don’t have any need for followers but I am in a love-hate relationship with Instagram in particular but technology in general. Thanks for sharing x

    • August 3, 2017 / 4:30 am

      Thank you for your comment!

      I’m glad it’snot just Me!

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