Outfit for the Ladies lunch

Outfit for the Ladies lunch

The Ladies Lunch by Dress For Success Scotland 


That day I wore an outfit to be a photographer assistant. I wanted to wear something simple, “less is more” but still something me, something I wore before, something I can talk about.

Obviously everything I wear has a story.

Those shoes are from the Hungarian H&M because they sold out in the UK, so I told my Mum that my life depends on those. The trousers? I think maybe it’s part of a boys suit that was fitted for me in the waist. Definitely not a Ladies style. The shirt? Free! Basically a “Lost&Found” piece. It’s a mens size, it looks huge on me so I picked a belt to show that I actually have a small waist under that shirt.

Dora Blog Shoot One-4

This is the outfit that will always remind me of the day when the charity catwalk show was saved! Remember the story?

I went as a photographer and left as a catwalk model. I couldn’t stop smiling and basically jumping around with the outfit I got to keep for all I have done. I seriously don’t have a comfort zone any more.

Dora Blog Shoot One-1Dora Blog Shoot One-8

I decided to show this look too from the day. The catwalk photos are definitely all about looking-feeling-being fabulous, but that’s the end of the story. This is the start. On a sunny day in Glasgow I wore the exact same outfit, I even did the same make up and hair.

Dora Blog Shoot One-2Dora Blog Shoot One-7Dora Blog Shoot One-9

Maybe it is just another outfit for You, maybe it is just a stupid story as well but on that event I met the best people from models to organisers and the members of the charity.(My blog has more followers on Instagram now as well – perks of going to the right places – Diva Dora).

For the invitation to the event and for these amazing photos many thanks for Brant Adam!


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Men’s Shirt – (vintage) Superdry
Belt – (vintage) New Look
Trousers (remade boys) – H&M
Shoes – H&M
Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters – I got it from a friend, so second hand I guess



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