I’m on the catwalk!!!

I’m on the catwalk!!!

The day of the Dress For Success Scotland Ladies Lunch & fashion show

Some days you wake up, wash your face, do your thing, gym, work, study etc… and some days you wake up, get ready and you find yourself in the most unexpected situation ever.


This is what happened to me. Well, kind of. I was invited by my photographer friend to a Dress for Success Ladies Lunch& fashion show charity event on the 4th June in Grand Central Hotel. I came as a photographer assistant and was asked if I want to model on the catwalk show. I said yes, then no because I was scared. It was loads of pressure and maybe you think I’m a confident person, well… I am not all the time. So I agreed to come and be a photographer assistant aaaaand I ended up walking on the runway.

DFS - Dora - BA-1

You know that quote about your comfort zone? “Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.” After this experience I don’t have a comfort zone and I have the courage to do whatever I feel like I should. Trouble… here I come MUHAHAHA.

That day I saved a fashion show. Used the right contacts thanks for the Glasglow Girls Club and managed to get some clothes for the models for the catwalk. All that happened in an outfit, but I have no idea when I will be able to post about that, so long story short, the catwalk show  was back on!  This outfit has nothing to do with that. This outfit is all about accepting compliments, last minute decisions and walking down the runway confidently. In heels. Without falling. This is probably every models nightmare, but I am not a model and I have never done this before (not sure if I ever will again), so it was even scarier for me.

DFS - Dora - BA-3DFS - Dora - BA-4

Without all the encouragement from models there I would not have done that catwalk show. I am very happy they were there! And also for the beautiful outfit I had! (and I got to keeeeeep it <3 ) 


DFS - Dora - BA-2

With Mark, who brought the amazing outfit I’m wearing 🙂

I think this was one of those days you call best day of your life. You know a kind of day when you learn something new about yourself and all you want is telling everyone? I’m glad I have the blog, so I can talk as much as I want about all the good life experiences I have in my outfits.

Have I not said before that every outfit has a story? 😉


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