The jeans are back again!

The jeans are back again!

The jeans are back again!

If you have not seen any posts with me wearing my mummy jeans then shame on you, because at the moment they are literally the only jeans I wear with love and confidence. They are the ones that are not from any fashion shops, but from my Mum’s closet from more than 25 years ago in my Granny’s house. They are special, they are magical and I am 100% sure I have some kind of superpower when I wear them.


I posted so many outfits on my Instagram wearing “THE” jeans and this time I went for a different type of style, wearing it with high heels and a smart, lil bit oversized, peach shirt and my also vintage baroque style bracelets that I found when I went on a treasure hunt. This how I call vintage shopping.



Another story about the shoot: NEW PHOTOGRAPHER. Or another one, because I have more than one person just in case one of them is unavailable and I love them all for all their help and support and time and they deserve the attention. I kind of hate social media sometimes, but this time I am so thankful for the existence of Instagram, otherwise Derek could have not found me and these photos would not be on my blog, Facebook page or Instagram.


Social Media connects Us <3

Use it wisely kids!


Photos by Derek Dunlop

Trousers- Mum’s <3
Shirt – H&M
Shoes – New Look
Bracelets – From a vintage shop somewhere in Budapest or Glasgow

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