Lucia in Portugal

Lucia in Portugal


Show me one girl on my blog who is not pretty? Seriously, I am just surrounded by stunning people and they are all so amazing. I can’t tell you how much I love them.


So in this post I want to introduce you to another beautiful person. You might remember her name from my previous post, because she took those amazing photos of me, even Superdry commented on Instagram!

Here she is, in  blush pink dress with the perfect background. A little throwback to our trip to the sunny and warm Portugal!


I love less is more, it’s kind of a fashion mantra for me, and I love when I see an outfit that is perfectly less that it becomes more on the person who is wearing it. A match made in heaven. Like Lucia in this dress.


Doesn’t she look like a princess? I can imagine her in an Alice in Wonderland movie, or maybe Aurora? Also those balcony photos make me feel like she is Juliet from a modern and happy remake of Shakespeare’s drama.


Who else wants to dress like a Princess, girls? I will happily take the photos! 🙂


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