Make up inspiration

Make up inspiration

I am not much of a make up person, but after Bianka’s make up post (the first post in Portrait, the new column on the blog) I decided to bring a new one.

My sister has always been better with make up than me and recently she started spending more time on Youtube channels and Instagram’s amazing “explore” section to find the latest make up trends and simple and easy-to-do make up inspirations.


She decided to practice a bit on me, play with the colours, contour, highlighter and everything else people put on their face to look flawless and fabulous.


For the first time of my life, I wore proper make up, without feeling my face heavy. I didn’t have the feeling that it’s not my face or that I’m not recognisable. It was natural base make up and the main focus on the eyes.


She said the green colour brought out the blueness of my eyes 🙂


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