Kitti’s Jeans

Kitti’s Jeans

Kitti’s Jeans

My sister used to steal my clothes while I lived at home and since then she has to be a bit more creative and buy her own stuff. HA HA. We still steal from each other from 2000 miles and we also have full matching outfits. There are some things though, that she can’t buy, because I have unique, hand made clothes (DIVA lol) and it’s hard to find anything like that in fast fashion shops (more diva attitude #sorrynotsorry) .

She loved my embroidered jeans, so I decided to surprise her with a pair. (no sarcasm, or “diva” included here, I put my heart in those jeans)


She got the “K”, because it makes it all the more personal.

The swan is her spirit animal and she loves cats. She is such a cat person.

The red dress is for the same reason as my red dress outfit. The movie, Me before You.

The flowers are similar to the ones on my jeans. We both love buying flowers for no reason, just to make us happy. Her favourites are tulips.


The penguin on the back pocket is the same as on my jeans. It’s an inside family joke, that holds us together.


It took me three weeks, but it’s one of the most beautiful things I have made so far. <3

I’m glad we have something unique that’s matching and anyway, I have to admit, I wear her clothes as well whenever I can and I buy things that she has too. I think it’s not bad and I don’t understand why fashion bloggers don’t admit if they borrow something from their family’s or friends’ wardrobes. I think it’s the best way to have more clothes and it’s more fun than borrowing clothes from brands for one shoot…


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