And she is back again! I have an easy job when it comes to doing a quick photo shoot because Zsofia is always here to help me out. Best model I could ask for and dressing up for a photo shoot is not hard at all for her.


This time we went for a autumn/winter style with black and all the autumn colours you would expect. Zsofia is wearing a simple outfit with many different accessories, layers on layers on layers, hats and gloves and scarfs, so  here are more than one idea of what to wear next time you go out!



The less is more rule could work during winter, and believe Zsofia knows how to dress to impress with five layers on. She is “only” wearing three layers here though. Black will always be one of our favourite colours, because it is easy to mix’n’match it with anything, but if you don’t like #AllBlackEverything get a nice patterned pair of skinny trousers to give a twist to your outfit. Or a nice red scarf tied as a bow by me 😉





Photos by me 🙂


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