If you have seen it there is a new folder on the bog, called “Portrait” I have no idea about make up but this is part of fashion, so I decided to ask people who are either professionals or just have a natural interest in make up and take photos of them or their work. “Make up artists” and my photography skills brought “Portrait” together and Bianka is the first person who is sharing how to dress with make up.

You can wear what you want to wear, but sometimes a good make up is a better outfit than your clothes and shoes.

She is one of my best friends, she knows what I do and how I do it and I was so happy when she asked me to take photos of her. She has never been on my blog before and this is not the last time she is here.

“We’ve planned to do an outdoor photoshoot with a very basic outfit, but thanks for the long, dark winter evenings and for the fact that I’ve brought several sets of clothes with me just in case, including this sexy black dress, we decided to shoot inside and try to imitate a boudoir-style photoshoot which we’ve always wanted to try.”


This was Bianka’s first shoot with me and I have to tell she is really good at posing, so she will definitely come back. She wanted her outfit to be less and her make up to be more:

“In this outfit, makeup is your accessory. Red lipstick is glamourous, feminine and sexy, if you wear it right. With a red lipstick makeup you want the attention to go to your lips so you need to be careful with not overdoing your eyes. You can go with natural, neutral, subtle look, or more dramatic smoky eyes with maintaining the right balance between your lips and eyes. For the eyes, I’ve used an eye palette from L’Oréal, called La Palette Nude in ‘Rosé’ colour (used colours number 1, 3 and 4), and a gold eyeshadow from Essence’s Metal Glam collection in the colour of ’01 Steel-ing the scene’. But most importantly: the lipstick. I’ve just found this perfect red lipstick, which is Blake Lively’s Pure Red from L’Oréal.”



I have to admit I am really bad at doing make up, I usually wear the same things, but I have no idea how to put on contour and highlighter properly. I am jealous of Bianka, she learnt what she knows from beauty blogs and Youtubers. Yes, these things help you be a make up artist in a good level without paying for it. Just look at the photos for proof.

“To become good at doing make-up, all you need to do is practicing, practicing and practicing. When I’ve started, I couldn’t even apply eyeliner evenly, but I kept practicing and today it takes about 10 seconds to do it. Read about it, and more importantly watch others how they do it. Nowadays, it is so easy with all the beauty vloggers out there. Try out different things, even if you don’t think that those are for you at first. They can easily become your favourite make-up looks/habits.”


This is my first portrait photo shoot and I had the pleasure to take these photos of one of the bests. It was not the easiest thing I have ever done, because the lack of lightning made it harder to take natural looking photos, but thanks for Photoshop, I managed to give the original colours back to the photos, nothing else was touched, why would I retouch someone so beautiful? 🙂



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