Date Time

Date Time

Date Time

I applied to a Marie Claire Hungary fashion contest with an outfit that would be perfect for a first date or a special occasion with my other half. Well, as he is still circulating in the ether somewhere I tried to do my best to impress my closest boy friends. And obviously I asked for all my girls’ opinions as well, but what could a girl say about another girls date time outfit? Don’t think of the answer, I only got positive responses because I am that lucky a person who is surrounded by the best kind of people.


I cannot tell you how many amazing texts and comments were on my phone’s screen after I sent some photos to at least 30 people, including my family. I kind of thought that I can make it to the top 25, but I did not think that it could really happen. I didn’t make it, but I am not disappointed at all, because I love the outfit, I love the photos and for me my friends’ honest opinion is worth a lot more than that one email that let me know that I didn’t make it to the finals.



A bag can make you happy.

It was a good thing, I kind of put so much effort in it, but the stories behind these photos are much better. Now I can finally say, that I was wearing this outfit in Glasgow in like 8 degrees in rain and wind, and maybe you can’t see it, but I was f**king cold. There are no other words to describe it.


Another funny thing is that my photographer, Sunrise is also my make up artist who managed to do my beautiful make up in a dark toilet in one of the University of Glasgow buildings in less than an hour. Please don’t ask what products she used, because I am so bad with make up, all I could say is that she used foundation and eyeshadow.




I am very happy that finally I can share these photos and I am still in love with this outfit.


Photos & make up by Sunrise Ishimwe

Top, shoes & bag – New Look

Skirt – Orsay (remade from an A-line size L skirt)



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