Mum’s jeans

Mum’s jeans

Mum’s Jeans

There is one thing I love in fashion the most and that’s creativity. I have met so many people and many thanks for all their cute compliments on what I wear and that they have never asked where are my clothes from. Well, some of them asked and then they went like “oooh reaaalllyyy??” Yes, I am wearing second hand clothes, clothes from vintage shops and my new favourite is wearing my Mum’s clothes. Fashion repeats itself and although my Mum has never been a fashionista (She said so herself), her clothes are perfect fit in my “modern”, “21st century-ish” wardrobe.



I see people buying these jeans from (please don’t ask me to mention) X-Y brands for over £50 and here I am, spending £5 on a bus ticket to get to my Granny’s house and for the 100th time, open my Mum’s old wardrobe and see what she had when she was the same age as me. I keep putting things back saying I don’t like them and one year later I’m taking them back to Glasgow with me and wearing them like they were new.


Maybe it’s old, it’s vintage, maybe I had to stitch some holes on the clothes or get a new zip on them or remake them in some ways, because they don’t fit, but these are the clothes I’ll always keep because these are real valuable clothes.


If you have ever seen the Sisterhood of the travelling pants movie, then you might know what is sharing a clothing that has superpower means. My Mum’s clothes definitely have some superpower, but if I tell you what is that then I’m going to give out the biggest secret of my life.


Now back to reality and these amazing photos from London.


Photos by György Szokolay /


Faux leather jacket – Orsay

Black bodysuit – Superdry

Jeans – Mum’s wardrobe (they are at least 15 years old)

Belt – H&M

Shoes – Adidas



  1. September 30, 2016 / 9:59 pm

    It sounds great to have access to a whole new wardrobe of clothes! My mum is always saying she wished she’d kept things I’d probably love now <3

    Gisforgingers xx

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