Budapest Street Style – Sophia

Budapest Street Style – Sophia


This is not the first time I do a photo shoot with Zsofia (because this is her real name) but this time we went for something summery, as in Hungary summer is summer, like the sun is shining all day and you can’t even move because it’s too hot outside. We managed to go outside and this is the result. The perfect summer photos 🙂


During our day spent in Budapest we visited some of the main tourist attractions and to be honest the main tourist attraction was Sophia in this dress. If you want to know where is it from… well H&M but guess what! You probably won’t find it in the shops, maybe on Ebay, because Sophia is just like me: we are wearing our clothes for years. Something like this will never go out of fashion and a maxi dress will always be the perfect outfit for such a beautiful summery day! Be jealous, she looks better than you! (Just kidding, but admit it: She is fabulous!)




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