Budapest street style

Budapest street style

Budapest street style

Summer is a bit more “summery”in Hungary, than in Scotland. It’s sunny, temperature is rising, usually it’s over 30C, so while I’m here I can wear miniskirts, shorts, sandals and crop tops and do fashion the way I want. During summer everyone is a bit more creative with fashion, so am I, because we don’t need more than one layer.


The other thing I really enjoy is that I have two wardrobes, because my sister is the same size as me and she kindly lets me wear her clothes. Her style is similar to mine, however she has more summery clothes. Perks of living in Hungary. This time I borrowed her khaki baggy pants and wore it with cropped over-sized tee and my favourite Adidas sneakers for a day in Budapest. There are so many things to do in Budapest, not just dressing fashionably and wandering, so I’ll share some ideas on what to do if you end up in this beautiful city!


Less is more as always so I did not go crazy with accessories,bangles, necklace, backpack to go with my khaki&white outfit. My baroque style bangles are my favourites, they are colourful and they were so cheap. If you want some, I recommend vintage shops or turkish jewellery shops. Fashion is everywhere you just need to be creative and look further than fast or luxury fashion shops. These bangles are my special treasures, they are more unique and rare than anything I own, so whenever I get the chance, I wear them.


Budapest is amazing, and I visited the best parts with my sister and then with Sophia for some outfit photo shoots for the blog, so more outfits are coming soon with photos taken in the city with the most amazing backgrounds. .


IMG_0763Budapest’s unique and old yellow tram (call it vintage) could have been a good background, but it didn’t stop, so if you are in Hungary you have to see it yourself.





Photo: Zsofia Dobak


Top – H&M

Trousers – C&A

Shoes – Adidas / JD Shoes

Bag – CCC

Necklace – H&M

Bracelets – Vintage shops

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