Weddings are fun

Weddings are fun

Weddings are fun

Weddings are always so much fun! We drink a lot, we eat a lot, we dance a lot from early in the afternoon until early morning. We also dress to impress, even if we know that no one else can be prettier than the bride. And no one is.



The bride is the bride, busy, always on the dance floor or standing by the dance floor with a glass of something alcoholic,because her and her husband have many reasons to celebrate, we are just there to make them drink even more. With my sister we were there to take photos before drinking, or dancing or eating. I was there to dress up and eat as many cakes as I can.



Also we had a little guest during the photo shoot, because this little angle, Nora is just like us: We love dancing, but photos first. This is Nora’s second outfit. I only got two, one for the daytime, one for night time. Nora had three and she was prettier than us in all of them.



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