That’s her name and it perfectly reflects her always shining personality! You would enjoy spending some time with a girl full of joy! She was singing all the time during the photo shoot. Isn’t it the best thing to have happy people around? 🙂




It is really hard to find new people and new places for these photo shoots, and I am always struggling, because I don’t like telling people what to wear. If I told people what to wear they would not be themselves, but that is the only thing I need. I don’t want fake people on this blog, I don’t want outfits which people only wear once for this photo shoot, but never again. If you have clothes and ideas and taste, then use it.


Sunrise surprised me with this outfit, because it is something I will never see again and I will never own. Except if I will manage to travel to Singapore, find that local shop and be lucky enough to buy the exact same top. But as this will not happen in the future soon enough, I kind of have to give up and just admire the outfit on these photos. Actually, maybe that shirt would not look the same way on me as it looks on Sunrise.


Uniqueness is part of your personality and you shouldn’t be encouraged to show this to everyone! People will laugh at you sometimes for your ideas, your thoughts or because you just did something which they find funny. It’s your uniqueness that people cannot handle in a better way. I laughed at Sunrise when she was singing between two shoots. But I also loved it, because she did it naturally and it was part of her “posing game”. She had fun, she enjoyed being a model and she totally knew what she wants to show to the world.


We met a few years ago, then she left to Singapore, but now she is back and as you can see, she has something to show to make the world more stylish!


U.i.: Shirt from The Editor’s Market from Singapore


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