Melinda No.2

Melinda No.2


Melinda is my favourite person in this whole world and I love her to bits! She is my goddess!  – A quote from Melinda herself when she first saw this post before publishing. She is right. But I also have another two people in this world. One of them has already been on this blog, now she is off in Italy, but she’ll be back soon for No. 2 outfit!! The other one  will also be here soon and you are going to love both of them!


Do you remember the embroidered jeans I made? That took me 6 months. My record is a T-shirt made in 4 hours for Melinda for her birthday!

Being surrounded by people who have something to show to the world and bring joy to everyone’s life is like living in a fairy tale. My life is a Fairy Tale, but it wouldn’t be without these people. I also love when they are not afraid to start dancing or walking like a pirate in the middle of a street while I’m taking photos of them.


I have no clue why but many people around me are like rays of sunshine, one of them is this cheery little cat addict ladybug without spots to make her special. The inside joke in this is that she loves cats more than you can imagine, however her cat is like an alien in the world of cats. Not so inside joke is her blog, called Spottless Ladybird (Find it here


To celebrate her birthday (and love for cats) I made her a unique T-shirt no one else has, because she deserves it and if it’s a new “custom made” T-shirt it also means photo shoot! I love Melinda’s style!


P.s.: Melinda is too smiley to do the “resting b*tch face” and she got bored of me asking her to do a neutral face at least. So here she is with her best “not smiley” face. I absolutely love it 😀


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