I love colours, but I wanted to show that I can look serious enough in an almost #AllBlackEverything.


I was in London.( If you haven’t heard yet) This outfit is also from there and these photos were taken in a tiny street, but that area was more than this. It was the coolest area ever, with so many pop up stores for local brands and designers. I found the most unique clothes in Glasswork and even better accessories in Boxpark. That’s where I took the photo of the Queen ‘Still rockin’ it bitches’ wall.


I was wearing way too many dark colours that day, but this is my favourite outfit and these are my favourite photos.

The loafers are from H&M. The best and prettiest pair of shoes I have ever owned, first because it’s dark blue, second because of the special detailing, the three different materials used and third: I have not seen it on anyone ever yet, but at least 5 people asked me where I get them in the last 6 months. (I got them a year ago and you will not ever find the same ones! HA! – no I am not that bitchy, but it feels good when people ask where my clothes and shoes are from) 


I love shirts, I have so many, this one is special, because it is all lace at the back (Looks perfect with bare back 😉 ) and not just a simple black “office” shirt.



For those beautiful earrings many thanks to Melinda 🙂 It’s hand made!


One more item worth mentioning. The faux leather jacket. This is not the last time you’ll see them! I am the kind of blogger who loves to wear the same clothes over and over again. Everyone buys clothes to wear them more than once, but the blogger society does not seem to show how creative they are with their old clothes or their mum’s clothes, they only wear sponsored clothes or their own, only once. Come on, if you have a basic leather jacket, why can’t you just show how amazing it is to own something which you can wear with everything for every event? Fashion is about creativity, wearing something only once is not as creative as wearing the same thing over and over again.




Photos by György Szokolay

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