Karina No.2

Karina No.2


AAnd she is back! My sweet Ukrainian fashionista friend is back on my blog in another fabulous outfit!




I love when people wear traditional clothing from their own culture. I really like learning about new cultures and after I know the basic things, I always pay more attention on clothing and crafts than anything else. I find it so interesting that a group of people agree on one kind of material and one kind of decoration and they manage to make it unforgettable by using it over and over again.




My Granny’s house is full of Hungarian traditional clothing, bed linens, decorations. I feel like I am talking too much about her, but she is fabulous! Just like my Mum. And actually my whole family. I was born into a group of fabulous people. All the women in the family have something traditional and that’s why I thought it was time for me to learn something from them and that was embroidering, I just used that to make something modern and something I can express myself, like the jeans from my latest post!


This time Karina was wearing a traditional Ukrainian dress with beautiful shoes from Zara, accessorised with a Prada bag and a hand made headband. This is not the first time that she is wearing such beautiful accessories. You should have seen her floral headband on my birthday! She always looks so fabulous, I think she knows by now that I am a fan of her style and wardrobe!


So my favourite in this outfit is that it reminds me of the Dolce& Gabbana advertisements. Although we are better here with the colours and we found a red Vespa! How fabulous is the bright yellow dress and the cobalt blue bag with the red Vespa and bright green background. I was so excited to share these photos! It could not have been more summery.


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