I have been working on my own jeans for almost 6 months, sometimes working on it for hours a day, sometimes I did not even have time to do them, but it’s finally done and I was so excited to share it!!

Luckily I could take it to London, where we took all these photos for this post. My outfit is so so basic, because the jeans deserve all the attention.


Some people have tattoos of things which mean something to them. I am afraid of tattoos, because what if i get bored of something? I can change it, but no way to change something like a tattoo every 5 years. I have some things which I change quite often, however the inspirational things will always be the same. I made these jeans to remind me of things I love and which make me happy.



Things I have on the jeans:

Love hearts: For obvious reasons. Sometimes I hate people, mainly when people don’t include “humanity”, but all of the people around me are so lovely. Love each other people! We need to make the world a better place! (what a basic quote)


Cinderella: My favourite Disney princess deserved a place on these jeans and this one is a copy of Hayden Williams’ sketch of Cinderella as a Queen of Fashion. My Cinderella doesn’t have a nose, because when I tried to stitch it she looked like Pinocchio.


Flowers: Simple decorations, perfect on jeans, tops and everywhere. I needed them.

D: Do I need to explain?

Anna Wintour: My ICON! If you don’t know her we can’t be friends until you know who she is. (Just joking, but she is pretty well-known in the amazing world of fashion.)

Karl Lagerfel: The ageless man, who created Fendi, Chanel and his own brand. He has the most adorable cat (I don’t like cats, but Choupette is smarter than some people) and he is also an icon with style.


Stickman: This is something I wanted to make really simple, so I drew this without a sketch straight on the jeans. The explanation is simple: I started running when I was 12, thanks to one of my high school friends and I still love it. I wish I could be as good as I was 6 years ago.


Flag: Red-white-green. Hungary. Home. I don’t think I will ever go back, but the culture is amazing. Only 15 million people speak Hungarian, and it is the hardest language in the world. There is nothing better than Hungarian food. Embroidering clothes is also a Hungarian thing, my Granny has so many clothes and decorations with the traditional Hungarian embroidery, so the idea came from there, I just wanted something modern.


Mickey Mouse: After Cinderella this is the other thing on the jeans I love because it is Disney. I think I will never grow up.


Penguin: It’s a family thing. My Dad started it, I don’t know why penguins, but it is still funny for us.

So far I made a stag top and the pair of jeans. And I cannot wait to show the T-shirt I made for my friend for her birthday in less than 6 hours! 🙂



Photos by György Szokolay

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