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London is the basic b*tch of the cities with the dog filter on Snapchat. But it is a must see city, and to be honest, the perfect city for me. It’s always buzzing, it’s full of people, so many things to see, so many things to eat, so many things to do. You can never get bored there, because something is always happening, there is always a new place to try and new things to see.

Some people go there to be tourists. I went there for a reason and tried not to be a tourist, but it was impossible not to take photos at every corner, so I became a tourist who went to London just to see the Vogue 100 Century of Style exhibition. It’s a must see for fashion lovers and it was THE exhibition of my life. If you went to London and missed it, you have no idea why fashion is fashion. I wished I could take photos of the very first issues of Vogue, or the huge canvas print of Alexander McQueen or all the issues with Princess Diana on the cover, but I wasn’t allowed and I could have gone crazy with taking photos of everything after staring at it for at least 10 minutes. I saw what I saw and I will not ever forget it.


Well, I played the tourist, took photos everywhere I went and I also shared so many of them on my Instagram, but there are still so many things which I think are worth showing.


First of all my main destinations. Vogue House was the first one. And I went back there twice during the 3 days I spent in London. Call me a fanatic. I know I am!

I wanted to see the real city not just the main tourist attractions, like the Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace. I obviously visited those too, because it is also London, but I couldn’t miss out Molly Bakes. The freakshake is something you cannot miss! It’s the most delicious thing I have ever had and one of those things I couldn’t finish in an hour. IT’S AMAZING!


There is only one Queen in the World and that’s Queen Elizabeth II. She’s cool, isn’t she?


And she knows how to wave like a real Queen! Watch and learn Miss Universe “wannabe”s!

If you go to London, you are going to spend money there. On clothes. Because it is a top fashion city and it has “a” Dover street with Victoria Beckham’s shop and also “a” New Bond Street if you are rich AF. I am not, but I like dreaming. Luckily I didn’t have to in M&M’s world, because IT EXISTS! And it’s huge! Do you know what a 5 years old kid looks like in the candy shop? Yep, that’s me in M&M’s world.


I wish I could describe how I felt during that 3 days in the city of my dreams, but I can’t find the prefect words, so here are some photos instead.

Photos by György Szokolay – and me 🙂


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