I don’t like yellow. There is only one thing in my whole wardrobe that is yellow and it’s this H&M jacket. I love everything in it. My other favourite new thing is the ballerina top I got from H&M from my sister.


2016-04-09 13.24.44

So I decided to wear these two things together and create something simple, something classy and something to represent myself. This is it. Simple jeans, top, jacket and ballerina shoes. And my fake fringe.

2016-04-09 13.30.20-1

2016-04-09 13.43.14


My mum was a ballerina when she was 12, but she could never go to dancing school to be a professional dancer. She wanted me and my sister to be ballerinas, but I can’t dance, I can’t remember the steps, I don’t feel comfortable following any steps. I like music and I like to dance, but freestyle dancing is much more fun and no one tells you if you look like an idiot when you are dancing, because they can probably see that you enjoy being free.

2016-04-09 13.24.562016-04-09 13.33.20-2

I still respect every dancer in the world who has the talent to listen to a teacher and to follow the steps. They are the most talented people, I was always jealous of my sister that she can learn any dance moves and dance so naturally. I have a bit more respect for ballerinas, I don’t know why. They are so beautiful, slim and strong and they can hold themselves on toes for who knows how long. They are so graceful.

Here is a motivation video about a Chinese ballerina. Just watch it.


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